Episode 04: Rising Dollar-Luyện thi TOEIC

Current value of the DollarThe U.S. dollar index hit its highest level in nearly a year after the Federal Reserve minutes suggested the economy is on pace for steady growth.  The dollar index DXY is currently trading at $82.54 after hitting an 11-month high just last week.  Analysts suggest the US dollar will continue soaring and will soon be above its 3 year high of $84.14 and head to 90 on the DXY.
 Last week, there were numerous economic indicators that positively impacted the dollar.  Data last Thursday, which included a drop in weekly jobless claims, were largely positive. The August flash Market manufacturing PMI jumped to its highest since 2010 and the Philadelphia Fed’s manufacturing index was at its highest since 2011.
 Existing home sales rose 2.4% in July and the U.S. leading economic index rose 0.9% in July.  All of this data along with status quo news from the Federal Reserve FOMC minutes helped continue the dollar’s run on record breaking pace.


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